STALIÁ is a luxury extra virgin olive oil with intense fruity and fresh florals aroma combined with an exceptional, balanced taste.

“We are two young sisters, Katerina and Filanthi 25 and 28 years old, and three years ago we started a beautiful journey. We decided to carry on our family tradition of cultivating and producing olive oil and evolve it with the creation of an elegant and quality product. We wanted STALIÁ to express our ideas through our artistic occupations, aptitudes and personal work, step by step creating on our own every piece needed.

Filanthi created the design (logo, packaging, flyers etc.) and Katerina took on the production and endorsement of the product in markets, dealing with the marketing and communication part of it. Our father’s participation to this project is precious, while he assists mainly in the cultivation and production process.  Along the way, we enriched what we knew about olive oil, cultivation, production process, packaging, tasting and other procedures. Through this difficult path STALIÁ was created.  We believe that the outcome is satisfying, a high quality product provided in bottles and gift boxes with modern aesthetics, given in a minimal style.

We cultivate our olive trees in Gargalianoi, Messinia. The variety of oil is 100% koroneiki, early harvested with cold press and filtered within 5 days. We offer our own Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil STALIÁ in the following sizes: 500ml, 250ml, 50ml in a glass, painted bottle with or without a gift box.

Our products have already been awarded for their excellent quality and exceptional design. By now, we are more than happy to have achieved a good presence in many European countries, which keeps increasing year by year.

For the future, we are planning the expansion of our products with a bigger variety of olive oil products, continuing to improve STALIÁ’s quality constantly. Our main goal, as our slogan indicates, is a drop of Greece to travel all over the world.”