Taverna is the new pop-up project of Bios’ gastronomic research. Gogo Demogianni and Bios.Home Kitchen created Taverna at Bios, which was open all summer.

“We asked our mothers, aunts, cousins ​​and grandmothers, we found some of the most genuine products of the Greek countryside and brought them in Athens especially for the Taverna”.

The menu presents some of the most classic, Greek dishes, cooked with the highest raw materials with much love. Meatballs, cheese, potatoes, all the simplicity and grandeur of Greek cuisine with the signature of Gogo Delogianni made this summer delicious!

Bios Home Kitchen is the new venture of Bios, which is hidden on the first floor of the building at 84, Pireos Str. In a place combined with strong memories of the old city and the familiarity of “home”, the welcoming chefs create an open kitchen, presenting different flavors, flirting with multiculturalism, aiming at research and testing around the food and gastronomic culture of Athens.

It draws up a new gourmet map of the city and gives its own point of view, creating an empathy between different people, living in the same city, through taste.