For Christina Brampti designing and creating her handmade jewelry reflects her personality, feelings and thoughts. Christina studied Art and Design at Vacalo School and was taught and inspired by the French sculptor Janine Baet, who was her professor in jewelry design. Christina Brampti gives to the material she uses a multidimensional format and leaves to the women using them, the freedom to decide by themselves the way they will wear them. Leather, stones, paper and fabric are her favorite materials and she transforms them in an unexpected format. Her creations are showcased in the Elias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum,the Galleries Lafayette and the Picasso Museum. Her jewelry is also permanently exhibited and sold at the Benaki Museum.




Direction & Post Production: Vassilis Tsapopoulos
Director of Photography-Camera: Andreas Stanotas
Interview: Yorgos Mitropoulos
Project Manager: Fotini Dafoti

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