Framed by the endless blue and the bright light that floods the Aegean Sea, the newly built Saluti da Stampalia has been carefully designed and curated, so as to provide interiors that address all the senses, deliver comfort, style and elegance, while allow the total immersion in the surrounding natural environment.

Aiming to create a seamless transition between the traditional and the contemporary, both internal and external spaces have been designed to respond to and embrace the island’s unique natural beauty and architectural traditions, by opening up to natural light and cooling sea breezes, by maximizing sea views and by combining local material (wood, stone) and architectural elements (flat roofs, gentle curves, cubic shapes), that showcase the island’s cultural identity, with contemporary aesthetics.

Saluti da Stampalia aspires not only to become a private getaway where guests will enjoy splendid panoramic views to the Aegean sea and the castle-topped Chora and will indulge in a private and intimate environment with individualized services, but will also be a gateway through which the guests will discover the local treasures and be involved in the island’s cultural and social life.

With its stunning location sat on the hill above Livadi bay, Saluti da Stampalia features beautifully appointed suites with windows and terraces that look directly over Aghios Vassilios beach and open out to sweeping views of the seascape beyond and the imposing capital of the island (Chora) with the Venetian Castle on the top.

Besides enjoying the magnificent beauty of the surroundings, the location of the hotel offers to its guests easy access to Livadi beach, where a wide array of services are provided (mini markets, restaurants, boat rentals etc), and makes a perfect base for them to explore the western part of the island, where the exquisite coastline is dotted with beaches of crystalline waters and alluring coves.

Fresh, Local, Seasonal – these are the cornerstones of the philosophy pursued by the team and realized in their commitment to provide to their guests an authentic culinary experience of the island’s cultural traditions, as they perceive eating as a cultural experience, while supporting local producers.

Every morning, guests, surrounded by the view of the sea, can indulge in a wide variety of delicious, invariably authentic dishes with a creative approach, that the kitchen crew with love creates, complemented by freshly made bread, homemade pies and marmalades, local cheeses, local supreme quality thyme honey, mountain tea and juicy fruits, a tribute to excellent raw ingredients and traditional products.

Considering that wine carries the unique sense of a place, the characteristic aroma and flavor of the terroir that comes from, the hotel’s sommelier has created a list of carefully selected wines from the southern Aegean region, whose flavor and colour embody the warm dry climate, the ample sunlight and the sea breeze.

Guests have the privilege to taste a variety of delightful wines in a calm and relaxing environment while breathing in the soothing salty sea air and marvelling at the beauty of the natural surroundings.

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Images © George Sfakianakis