“2021 is a year of new beginnings, the right moment for all of us to find ourselves, restart and rebalance. The Rooster is a unique, brand new property opening on June 1st in Antiparos. Its owner/founder, Athanasia Comninos, was inspired by the local landscape and envisioned an Eden on earth.

Conceived as a wellness and lifestyle resort to embrace Slow Living, The Rooster is designed with unpretentious aesthetic luxury in mind, paired with excellent service, while providing a holistic experience for a mindfulness escape.

The Rooster’s 17 houses are in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. The result is a warm and homey-like environment, where one can unwind and relax. The simplicity of the rooms sustains a unique aesthetic style while luxury, unpretentious and understated. The interior design, conceived to create an air of a private shelter, allows for spacious and elegant indoor areas, reflecting a casual chic style with an eclectic attitude. Wood, marble and cotton, all in a variety of a naturally soothing palette prevail, while an inventive combination of textures and patinas create a feeling of spiritual calmness.

Physical and emotional well-being, intellectual awakening and environmental awareness lie at the core of The Rooster’s philosophy. Embracing the “farm-to-table” concept, the food served at The Rooster is home-grown. From the fresh fish, daily caught by local fishermen, to indigenous seasonal vegetables and fruits from our farm, free range eggs, an assortment of locally produced cheese and spirits exclusive to Antiparos and to Greece, every taste and every meal is a culinary experience, healthy, authentic and delicious.”

Architecture: Vois Architects

Construction: Doriki Techniki

Images © Yiannis Rizomarkos