“Sophia Enjoy Thinking” is a brand that promotes ancient Greek culture through modern design, defined by wisdom, beauty and authenticity, values deeply engraved on ancient Greek culture. […]

Grace Suites Pool

Elivi Skiathos hotel redefines five-star luxury personalized service and the coexistence of grandeur and simplicity, all in a magnificent natural setting by the sea. It offers an aesthetically pleasing experience by fusing the traces of the past with modern elegance. […]


Throughout its long history, olive oil has been used as a beauty “elixir,” with popular experience demonstrating its beneficial effects centuries before it captured the interest of modern researchers. […]


Prespes is a region shared between two lakes, the « small » and the « large» one, and three countries, Greece, Albania and FYROM. An ottoman sultan loved these lakes so much that he gave his daughter their name. […]


The aim of this project was to design a functional open-space. The narrow rectangular shape of the apartment, created the need to ‘merge’ its diverse functions, eliminating any solid obstacles between them. […]


Looney Bean is a Bar/Restaurant in the city of Thessaloniki that sits ideally at the top floor of a building with panoramic views of the city’s commercial port and the characteristic industrial skyline. […]


Located in a late 1960s apartment building in Varkiza, the traditionally vacation-oriented southern beachside suburb of Athens, this 60sm apartment had been preserved in its original condition, like a time capsule. […]


Makryammos Bungalows Hotel is located in Thassos island in Greece, and was renovated by ΑΜ3 Architects over the past five years. Respecting the unique character of this hotel, the architects in close cooperation with the owners, prepared a series of architectural studies for a thorough renovation of the rooms and suites including their surrounding area. […]


Melima is the new name of a distinguished Greek brand of traditional, handmade delicacies. Its name stands for ‘caring’ and together with the new packaging, was inspired by the love and care in which the products are being prepared. […]


Tower house interprets the type of dwelling widely found throughout the Outer Mani, Messenia Greece; a combination of defense tower and farmhouse, articulated into a monolithic, stone structure with few apertures, so as to protect residents from excessive heat as well as the threat of piracy. […]


Riviera Luxury beach bar designed by Skarlakidis Architecture Studio is located in Chalkidiki, at one of the most renowned beaches in the Sithonia peninsula, the beach of Saint John. The project has the character of a deep threshold between the forest and the beach. The beach bar is consisted of a standing bar area, a restaurant that can accommodate up to 40 people and a lounge that is ideal for parties and social events. […]


Catalyst roasters is a speciality coffee shop. Located in central London, Catalyst offers its own coffee blend roasted on its basement, together with a Global – Mediterranean based cuisine for breakfast, branch, lunch and dinner, and a selection of quality draft beer. […]


It was February 2011, when the founder of COCO-MAT Paul Evmorfidis with his son Willem, decided to make the Amsterdam-Athens bike tour! During the trip, their metal bikes were ruined often, so Paul decided to create the best bike that would make the difference. […]


Sapfo extra virgin olive oil is a unique olive oil, meticulously collected from the mountains and dry areas of Mytilene, Greece and designed by Chris Trivizas. It is produced by Papadellis, a family business that specializes in the production and processing of olive oil since 1980. The name is inspired by the poetess Sappho, the tenth muse according to Greek Mythology. […]


After a long period away from Greece, where he studied in the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands and his first working experience at the leather goods giant of Louis Vuitton, ALEXQUISITE is ready to present his very first complete collection! Under the title _ONE, he is focused on presenting four fundamental pieces of the contemporary wardrobe for both men and women; a backpack, a tote, a cross-body and a laptop case. […]


Fårö is a cultural space where seminars are held based on the concept of creative learning. The founders, sisters Alexandra and Leda Dialyna, addressed the architectural office Micromega in order to give the architectural identity to the space that would host their idea. Former government offices and afterwards a carpenters space, the ground floor space near the centre of Athens has been a field for creative ideas. […]


Acropolis rotisserie opened its doors in 1982, and was named after the fact that it was located on the edge of the city of Ioannina. Almost 35 years later, it was renovated by VP Architectural Studio based on a minimalistic approach with attention to details. […]


AMMA draws its creative energy from its name, which means mother in the colloquial Indian language. It was chosen because it can serve as a rich source of inspiration within the concept of a “mother” of creative ideas. […]


The new offices of RIST Hellas, official importer of brand-name watches and jewelry in Greece, were designed by T&T Architects. They occupy an entire floor of an old tobacco factory in Thessaloniki, and include offices, a separate accounting/inventory office, storage room and a small showroom. […]