Navarino Dunes, part of Costa Navarino, is a luxury resort along the coasts of Messinia in Greece that comprises luxury resort hotels, high-end residencies and golf courses, blessed with breathtaking views of the sea and the country landscape. The Romanos Hotel is defined by a timeless architectural design and contemporary furniture and fittings, where layers of interlocking experiences enfold the guests. A modern interpretation of an ancient Greek temple at the entrance plays with scale and materials to frame the view towards the Ionian Sea as well as to act as an orientation device as they go on to explore the site. The lobby is furnished with luxurious high-backed chairs and chaise-longues, while the neutral envelope of stone and traditionally exposed timber roof achieves a classic and dramatic structure.

Anazoe spa is a hidden, womb-like area that consists of a series of spaces into which guests may literally retreat. Long colonnades flanked by arches lead visitors to the inner sanctum, while moving inwards towards the dry treatment spaces, the spa become reminiscent of mystical – and mythical – caves that glow with exquisite and variously colored mosaics. Materials and textiles are natural, with generous use of timbers and pebbles in an earth-toned palette to create a cocoon that encircles warming fire pits. Inbi is a restaurant that combines two separate buildings with an enclosed courtyard in between and a large patio overlooking the resort, defined by the seamless flow of outdoor areas into indoor spaces, and onto the outside again. It’s defined by soaring volumes, oversized openings with great views to the outside, and a magnificent bronze fretwork that adorns the walls in various ageless geometric patterns.

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