Plaisir Patisserie is located in Panorama, Thessaloniki, and is the first store of this historical branch in Northern Greece to which a new corporate identity was applied by Urban Soul Project. The design aimed to enhance the local character of the store, to help it emerge as a neighborhood meeting point, and to integrate it into the path of passers­‐by of all ages, pedestrians and drivers for coffee and breakfast. The interior layout was modified so as to serve take­‐away customers at the front of the shop, while the seating area is situated in the remaining half. The open plan kitchen with exposed equipment was placed at the back of the store. The left side was modified to allow for an extra seating area. The basic design concept aimed at applying a new palette of materials and colors for the renewal of the character of the Plaisir brand. The new materials used include white Greek marble, metal colored with matt gold paint, a particular blue color and wooden floors. The element of curved geometry was applied to the marble benches, the metal frames of the facade and the roof.