The project concerns an unfinished three-storey building with ground floor, which is to house two families. The ground floor composes a large common area for all tenants of the building. The first floor hosts an independent family apartment and the second and third flood set together another apartment unit.

Key points of the design are the smooth function of all building levels, the orientation of all areas to the unobstructed view, the sense of privacy of the users and the provision of a calm interior and exterior environment of the house.

The public ground floor area consists a large playroom, with access to the outdoor area. The level is adapted to accommodate outdoor activities.

The second apartment is divided into two levels with public and private areas as well. The first level holds the public areas, ie hallway, living areas, kitchen, dining room and a shared WC. The second level holds the most private areas of the house, ie masterbedroom – bedrooms and private bathrooms. The design team chose to highlight specific areas of the residence, such as the space in the fireplace, the dining room, the kitchen volume and the vestibule with the elevator door, with upholstery, special materials and lighting fixtures. For this reason, materials in natural colors and textures are chosen, light-colored tiles for the floors, earthy colors for the walls and natural wood for the wall coverings. Furthermore, contrasts in the colors of the materials are a key point of the design proposals. The rest of the whole residence follows a minimal design. The children’s and teenagers’ rooms follow a more colorful design.

The basic tools of the facade design are color, wood paneling, soft exterior colors and the use of direct and indirect lighting. The goal was a minimal overall result for the building followed by small ups and downs. In addition, large openings are designed to the view – since the orientation also favors it – and small on the side views for safety reasons. The use of outdoor lighting was the basic tool for highlighting points of interest.

The same principles that govern the whole project are applied to landscape design, as well. The landscape and the entrance are designed with the privacy and security of the users of the building in mind. For this reason, a central entrance is formed with appropriate lighting and signage. A large staircase – which breaks into levels and forms spaces for planting – leads you to the level of the main entrance. Moreover, hard materials, ie tiles and marbles in floors and upholstery, alternate with the soft floors of the planters to create a variety of spaces and options for the user.

Lead Architect: Aspasia Taka

Design team: Maria Avramidou, Maria Solidaki, Nastia Chatzigoga

Images © Kim Powell Photography