The building is situated on the Athens-Lamia National Highway and was redesigned so as to combine programmatically the clothing production line and storage with a dedicated concept showroom and office headquarters spaces of Greek fashion brand “Devotion Twins”.

The vicinity with the National Highway axis led to the use of the dynamic lights of fast moving cars as a unique source of inspiration for the redesign of the outer skin of the building. The latter is organized in two layers. The first layer consists of a louvre skin which blocks natural daylight and acts as a general neutral background. The second layer is a steel structure of vertical and horizontal elements incorporating the brand’s logo that also serves as artificial night light transforming it into a luminous spectacle with direct reference to the cars’ movement.

The design of the production line spaces on the ground and mezzanine floors was exclusively based on the company’s needs. The double-height entrance was designed to programmatically separate the visitors’ public passage from the private industrial space in clarity. The dedicated showroom occupies an entire floor and includes a meeting space as well as the main showcasing and sampling room.

The division is expressed both geometrically and through the colors and materials contrasts, serving the “a room in a room” concept and the visitor’s submersion into a gradual “trip” that starts from darkness and ends up in light. The “black” meeting space is characterized by smooth surfaces and atmospheric hidden lighting, while the main material used in the “white” showcasing space is hammered-finish tiling covering the floor as well as the hangers’ walls.

The “black” space’s lounge area wall also doubles as a massive projection screen followed by the appropriate lighting scenario. The “golden” roof hangers, the revolving ground hangers, the longitudinal cylindrical light apparatus which guides the visitor’s route and bridges the two spaces, as well all other furniture and light elements are custom-made through the detailed design adapted to the overall concept and the client’s preferences.

The same attention to details carries on the office spaces design, where dynamic furniture featuring a triangular sculpture and diffused lighting complete the overall cohesive spatial vocabulary of the project.