Embryo Clinic is a hi-tech, in vitro fertilization (IVF) Unit in Thessaloniki, with a minimally subtle aesthetic and a pure, unique and pristine environment for its visitors and staff. Its interiors have been designed using different materials and colors, depending on the service offered. Throughout the reception and visiting areas, white spaces shift the attention towards the visiting couples, while the curved lines enhance the sense of fluidity during an otherwise rigorous multi­step process. However, in the recovery room, smoother and more tactile materials are combined with warmer colors, to facilitate a swift physical and emotional recovery for patients; any hospital references are dialed down to a minimum. In the sperm collection room, dark colors and sharp contrasts create a feeling of isolation and every detail has been carefully integrated into the design in order to assure a dignified and private session. The operating theatre and laboratories are constructed with Corian walls and ceilings so as to conform to a cleanroom’s high standards, providing a no­-maintenance, high quality environment.

The branding of the clinic, also developed my MALVI, creates a clear and comprehensive identity that avoids healthcare associated clichés and provides the necessary breathing space for the complex processes of an assisted reproduction unit. In a green and blue color palette, its elements are fully integrated into the architecture and maintain a fluid visual consistency.

Embryo Clinic received the 2013 International Interior Design Association’s Global Excellence Award, in the Healthcare category. Special Mention at Architizer’s 2014 A+ Awards, in the Health and Wellness category.

Images © Giorgio Papadopoulos