The Grigio store is a multifunctional space in Thessaloniki which creates a new type of indoor space: a passageway from the street to the back, where shopping and socializing are constantly intertwined. The boundaries between the inside and the outside are blurred by the presence of plants, swings, outdoor lighting and doors in the inside space. In addition, a six-meter glass facade allows for an unhindered view to the patio at the back of the building, which reveals an open green space that extends the function of the café during the summer months.

All elements inside the store were designed from scratch, using objects and images in unexpected ways: doors were used as tables for showcasing accessories and jewelry, while weathervanes navigate the view to the café, functioning at the same time as clothing hangers.

The walls, stripped of any old and unnecessary materials, were left bare and roughly painted white. All ventilation and heating pipes are visible, enhancing the industrial and raw look of the inside. The use of trompe-l’oeil prints creates unexpected views, like the real life print of an arcade at the back of the bar or the doors on the fitting room curtains, “opening” for the clients.

Images © Achilleas Menos | Design team: Katja Margaritoglou, Sotiris Tsergas, Konstantina Koligliati, Dora Felekou