H303 is a residential project located at the South suburb of Athens. The site is located 800m far from the sea, in Kadmou str of Glyfada, a coastal area that keeps developing.

The main idea of the building is based to the geometrical shapes and volumes of nature which are translated in petals to the exterior of each floor, giving an organic shape to the building. The organic architecture refers to a philosophy that combines the harmonious co-habitation of the man with nature as a design and in terms of functionality. We used that approach by combing design techniques that come in harmony with the site so that the volumes of the building, the furniture and the atmospheres are united in one synthesis. In the perimeter of the pilotis, we put U-glass which works in a protective way to the inside, inviting the guests inside only from specific points of interest in order for him to enter the building. Most finishings in the building are coated with white calacata marble which is combined with the aesthetics of the white slabs of the building and makes the interior even more elegant. Another key material of the project are the mirrors that cover the columns which make the interior spaces become more open and reflect the apartment’s exterior views.