Infinity View is located in the island of Tinos. Blended into the Cycladic landscape, framing the sunset of the Aegean sea, the project has a story to tell.

The design process has as main purpose to approach the local architecture in a modern way. Inspired by traditional elements Infinity View combines the Cycladic tradition and the magnificence of contemporary architecture, adopting elegant and luxury aesthetics in a friendly and familiar hotel environment. The architectural proposal is based on a pre-existing structure. Keeping the main core, yet redefining the final architectural form of the building was a crucial challenge achieved.

The complex consists of 16 suites of minimal decoration inspired by local art and architecture, while each suite keeps its own distinctive character. The white color, the clean lines, the pure geometric forms and the natural illuminated spaces tend to be in total balance with the context. The textures selected as much as the furnishing, fulfil the initial architectural gestures and underline high-end hospitality.

In dialogue with primitive human senses, Infinity View tries to personalize the hotel experience and make it unique and unforgettable for each visitor.

Design Team: Aristides Dallas, Katerina Bali, Kallie Koskosi

Structural Engineering: Emmanouil Roditis

E/M Engineering: Antonis Apergis

Construction: Aegean Construction & Development Ltd.

Images © Mariana Bisti