Inside ENA campus, a unique office complex in Athens that stands out for its conceptual approach by KN Group, different cultures are interpreted to architecture and design, aiming to create the first multicultural workplace in Greece that celebrates while brings together people and cultures from the six continents.

A smooth pattern of concrete curved slides in blue and sandy hues, creates a floor mural that surrounds the 3.360sqm of the America building. The pedestrian follows a green zone that refers to northern American landscapes with a mix of rockslides and succulent plants. A blend of images driven from the cultural history of the continent is being translated by the architects into constructions, objects or materials. KN Group team worked each detail both exterior and interior according to the general concept of the campus.

The design of the building aims to offer a balance between workspaces and break areas serving the special requirements of the client, a leading social media brand. Spectrum, an all-day bar located on the spacious ground floor of the building welcomes the tenants. The vivid style of the ground floor comes in a smoother version on the workplace levels where ambient light and green create a friendly and relaxed environment. By taking advantage of the local weather conditions, KN Group focused on creating a variety of urban spaces such as an outdoor gym and a multifunctional gathering area were numerous activities take place.

Spectrum — All Day Bar

Located in the America building, Spectrum drives inspiration from the glamorous aesthetics of the 80’s in New York City. Sharp geometry and futuristic elements such as led lights, glass blocks and polished steel are harmonized with an explosion of colors creating a mix that serves the postmodern approach of Spectrum.

Surrounded by glass walls, the space offers a lot of direct natural lighting utilized by the designers to create a game of reflections within it. Colored transparent acrylic furniture as well as different types of mirrors and glasses are installed to create an image that reminds the light spectrum through a prism.

In order to make the large space more usable, the floorplan was divided with a central multifaceted construction that creates different zones within the space. While the one side is designed as a self – service point, the other features a customized library styled with mid-century acrylic and leather armchairs creating an intellectual side within the all-day bar. A series of bespoke furniture including modular round tables and a polished stainless-steel bench are combined with translucent objects, black and white terrazzo tiles and lacquered wood in flamboyant colors creating a material language that reflects the multicultural allure of the vibrant 80’s era.

Images © Giorgos Sfakianakis George Messaritakis