“This apartment in the southern suburbs of Athens, it’s a new – build apartment, in which we have been called from the very beginning of the construction, in order to adjust the neutrally designed space to our clients’ needs and aesthetic.

We mainly focused on creating both functional and elegant spaces with a Scandinavian – bohemian essence highlighting a more personalised way of living. In the kitchen, an organic shaped island, was custom designed to fit the space maintaining their proportions and creating a focal point. We aimed to create a dynamic but sophisticated space using clean lines and the power of an all-white kitchen in a very bright interior.

In both bedrooms, with a more relaxed attitude, we choose to use color to emphasize and add depth. A contemporary approach with the goal to create inviting spaces and an atmosphere of tranquility. In the master bathroom a black & white approach makes the space looks timeless and fresh at the same time while in the kids bathroom we keep things more grounded with earth tones.

Ιn conclusion the key aspect of the design was to create a happy & functional place for a young family to live and create memories in an interior that warms them up.”

Design study: Do designers – Deniz Vassiliades & Ourania Giavi

Construction: axiacon

Images © Michail Damaskos