This is about a unique combination, of a house of four plus a home brewery. The old aesthetic tired the habitants of this 40-year-old renovated apartment.

Bumpy plaster walls, dark varnished wood, stone covered floor, ceiling with fake wooden beams. The new order should bring tranquility and fresh functionality inside the house.

The former open space transformed into an open – closed bedroom, which was missing in the earlier layout, with the addition of three sliding panels. Behind the panels a desktop for home working is created. Moving the panels in different positions transforms the interior during the day offering multiple use, views and function versatility.

The wood from the beams has been re-used for producing the furniture of table, desktop and sofa. Plywood made from pine wood is spread in all wooden constructions, a grey resin replaced the stone covered floor and the walls were made even.

The living space transforms into a chemical laboratory during brewing with the moving parts taking different positions in the room without disrupting the overall function of the house.

Images © Sylvia Diamantopoulou