Golden Ratio designed the interior of the existing building facilities of a company specialising in boilers and burners, using its products as equipment components, resulting to a space that reflects a strong identity and energy consciousness. At the entrance, blue and red colored vertical pipes are used as references to hot and cold water, surrounding the staircase and guiding visitors to the interiors. Heating units form libraries and partition walls, solar panels are used as work surfaces, while wooden pallets form display stands and furniture, in accordance with the industrial use of space. Graphic depictions of a city in motion in red color adorn glass partition walls, adding an interesting touch in office spaces. Black and white large format prints exude a vintage aesthetic, presenting important works and referring to the long history of the company. It’s a design proposal fully adapted to the operation of space, which proves that the best promotion for a company are its products themselves.

Images © Demi Karatzaferi

Text © Margarita Skiada