Cheval lounge bar is located in the heart of Thessaloniki’s center. This two story bar cafe experience is an ideal shopping break for those who stroll around the city’s market. Near the entrance, a horse-headed human figure welcomes you to the main bar made from chevron shaped concrete blocks.  Rusted walls, reed panels, leather seats, hanging plants and wood are combined with a parametric 3d shaped pattern made of folded metal blocks on the top. This contrast of rough and sharp materiality creates a contemporary urban bar, which serves fine cocktails and stylized food.

Cheval is a project about what we call ‘nomad way of living’. The horse-headed man symbolizes the new ‘nomads’ who love to travel mentally and physically. A collage of horsemen pictures, souvenirs stick on the walls, a fireplace full of books and stands made of suitcases are details which remind you what Rolf Potts said ‘If in doubt, just walk until your day becomes interesting‘.

Interior design : Ark4labOfArchitecture

Construction : Lentaris Konstantinos

Project team : Gorges Tyrothoulakis, Evdokia Voudouri

Location : Mitropoleos str , Thessaloniki

Year : 2016

Photos: Nikos Vavdinoudis-Ch.Dimitriou /