This 36sqm apartment recently renovated by Normless architecture studio, has been a challenge, mainly due to its peculiar elongated floorplan.

Almost all the interior walls and partitions were removed, to open the space up and create a new kitchen along the hallway that leads to the bedroom, as well as a quite spacious bathroom, providing a flexible and functional accommodation to the user.

The rather narrow living room separates from the kitchen, while maintaining a visual contact through an opening on the wall partition and allowing an ample movement between spaces. The custom made wall system integrates the TV along with cupboards for extra storage and a folding dining table. When folded up, the table doesn’t take up space, leaving the main area large and open.

The bedroom of the apartment is divided from the rest of the flat with a sliding door, enabling an easier flow between spaces. A big closet with an integrated desk table is positioned across the bed. Another cupboard is added in the entrance, behind the door, maximising the storage spaces for such a small apartment.

A light green colour has been used on the walls throughout the flat, as well as on the furnishings, highlighting the home’s features, whereas the black details add the necessary intensity, balancing out the palette. The original flooring was removed and replaced with an oak laminate flooring except  the terrazzo floor in the entrance, which was polished and maintained as a reference to its original construction. The new open plan of this tiny apartment created a comfortable and contemporary interior for its new resident.

Images © George Sfakianakis