Minas Kosmidis designed the interior of “La Maison du Grec” bistro in Kifissia, Athens, creating a unique space inspired by the courtyards and the decorative elements of the old mansions in the area. The store offers Greek cuisine based on traditional recipes, using fresh ingredients in combination with innovative ways of production and implementation.

The goal was to create a “place to be”, an attraction in the center of the area, where customers can enjoy meals, coffee and drinks throughout the day. In order to achieve that, a strong identity and a pleasant environment were created by designing a complex and eye-catching interior. The space is developed in two levels; the main functions are located on the first level, while a few tables for the lonely customers are located on the second level. The inner courtyard at the back of the store is a pleasant surprise for the visitor, an isolated and remote place away from car traffic noise.

The inner courtyard is also an inspiration for the central design, a concept that ties up perfectly with the business plan. The decorations on the ceilings and floors, the plaster and marble figures, the elaborate metal manufactures doors and gates were all designed adapted to modern lifestyle. It’s a design which ‘reinvents’ old objects and in a contemporary way. The antefix is perhaps the most characteristic element, connecting the classical and modern eras of Greece. It’s an element extensively used in buildings of all kinds, in all architectural styles in almost every season, but that has never found the recognition that deserves as an autonomous artistic creation; it has always been complementary and secondary. This blossom antefix, enlarged and made of wood, stands in a prominent position in the space, as a stand-alone work of art trying to find the recognition it deserves.

Photos by Ioanna Roufopoulou