The Modernist hotel designed by FormRelated, combines old-world grace with casual luxury, set in a striking 1920’s heritage building and restored in a minimalist yet sensual style that moves between art deco, mid-century detailing and Danish design.

Situated in downtown Thessaloniki, it’s the perfect port of call for constant travellers who know how to live in the moment and are at home wherever they set down their bag. Flying light and often solo, expecting seamless comforts, a bit of local buzz, and highly professional yet completely unpretentious service, they’ll find nothing less than everything they need at the Modernist.

The rooms are considered as modern-day living spaces. There’s an urban club feel to the cool elegance and soft sobriety of the décor, against the backdrop of its handsome old bones. Designed to fit individual needs, they come in different sizes, S, M, L and XL, each with their own character, corners, and a sense of order derived from custom lighting and furniture made to measure for each and every space. The only variable are the furnished balconies which differ in size and views.

All things Modernist are about relaxing in the stolen moment. Enjoying freshly starched fine cotton sheets that somehow never seem quite the same at home. Taking the time to look at the ceiling details and noticing the foreign quality of light filtered through the curtains. Showering longer than you normally would, sampling all of the bath products at once, just because you can. Listening to local music channels in between your usual playlist off the Bluetooth speaker. And then there’s the perfect proportion and logic to all things functional. It’s like wearing a bespoke suit for a few days without having had to attend all the fittings.