Located in the northern suburbs of Athens, an imposing stone-built edifice was renovated by Proplusma Arkitektones to accommodate a kindergarden with a vigorous environment that triggers the eye and stimulates every child’s imagination.  In view of the distinct historical identity of the building, which still stands as a prolific example of the iconic architectural style of the Greek interwar period (originally designed by the distinguished Architect N. Zoumpoulidis), the main intention of the architects was to highlight the particular morphological elements of the kindergarten’s premises, by creating a bold and contemporary design for the building’s interior spaces.

To cite a recent interview of the project’s leading architects, Eugenia Manta and Michail Provelengios: “Designing for children aged 2-6 years old can be quite a challenging task. We wanted to create a space that will embrace the children and allow them a great deal of spaciousness and flexibility in their movement, also by keeping up with their specific needs and various activities”. On the basis of the above, the outcome of the project proved to be a sui generis, highly detail-oriented design that showed considerable alertness and sensitivity for the children, creating at the same time a comfortable and joyful environment that meets all necessary safety and hygiene standards.

Photographer: Nikos Alexopoulos