Olive sun villa is situated in the heart of a 4500 sq.m olive grove, near the sea. This project concerns the renovation of a preexisting building and the addition of a new wing, in order to create a six–room vacation house. The off-white and earthy tones used in the interior and exterior of the building, create a calm atmosphere, ideal for relaxation.

The residence creates spaces that encourage connection with family and friends but also spaces that ensure privacy. The living spaces are concentrated in the newly built ground floor, and the six bedrooms are situated in the renovated two-storey building. Each bedroom has a private bathroom and a different design from the rest, still integrated though to the overall interior design of the complex.

The longer elevations of the building are located in the north-south orientation. For bioclimatic reasons, the north elevation has long narrow openings, while large openings on the south side connect the residence to the environment of the olive grove. The 25m long pool is laid out along the south side, in order for the exhaust of the pool water to help in the natural cooling of the building.

To create a residence that will allow visitors to stay outside all day, the design includes pergolas and semi-outdoor spaces that provide protection from the strong summer sun. The two volumes are connected by a pergola, creating a courtyard that connects social and private life and provides unobstructed views of the pool, the olive grove and the surrounding hills.

Finally, the use of the traditional palette of materials of the island like white volumes, stone and wood is the key for the creation of a united character in the complex.

“Slices” of corten steel are used to describe the long narrow openings and frame the view. The house adapts to the surrounding area and bridges the traditional architecture with the modern way of life.

Project Manager: Galetakis Giorgos

Project Architect: Patsoumadakis Manolis, Stavroulaki Nafsika

Site supervision: Mantadakis Vasilis, Galetakis Giorgos

Lighting Design: ΚΑΥΚΑS

Images © Sfakianakis Giorgos