Block722 designed the showroom for Patiris, a bathroom tiles and sanitary-ware company, creating a unified space through the use of clean, continuous surfaces. Due to the limited available area per floor, this approach, along with retaining visual contact throughout the store, led to an increased perception of room size. The main wall is coated with pebbles. Special sheet metal constructions / shelves were created to display the products. The vertical elements of the display cases are movable, adjusting to the size of the tiles. The roof of the ground floor is coated with wood boards and emphasizes the sense of space continuity. Two custom-made rectangular wooden tables were constructed to showcase sinks, faucets etc. Ceramic perforated tiles are used for the internal partitions, which create individual exhibition bathrooms. The same tiles were used as “light screens”, at the ceiling of the double-height entrance area and at the blind basement window, functioning both as an architectural elements and for the artificial illumination of the spaces.

Photos © Ioanna Roufopoulou