The TK01 apartment in Koukaki is an interior design and renovation project of a 20-year old one-bedroom apartment in Athens center, with the objective to make its existing, asymmetric and challenging layout, more functional and attractive for new dwellers.

In an apartment of 60 m2 choices such as custom designing a furniture composition which serves as a bookcase, a tv stand and seating of entrance area, that takes full advantage of an otherwise unused wall because of the radiator presence, and altering the kitchen layout can make significant difference in its sense of comfort and help to enhance its purpose of hospitality. Due to the bedroom’s layout, the bed touches the wall on one side. This corner was given a welcoming feeling and added depth through the application of wall color patterns. In order to create a bedside surface, a solid shelf along the wall was placed behind the bedhead. To heighten the somehow low ceiling, a white trim was applied on the high part of the walls, along with deeper hues.

Multiple visual layers were created through the use of various colors, textures and materials in all of the apartment’s spaces. The living room and bedroom feature a potent color palette on a neutral base, touches of wood, and black and metallic accents, elements that form its character. In the bathroom, different kinds of tile laying and patterns, as well as blue tones, provide a contemporary vibe.

3NK Engineers & Architects was founded in 2010 by Nikolaos Giannoulis, Konstantinos Kiamos and Nikolaos Malapetsas and is a team of engineers and architects that are driven by creative challenges through design and construction of building projects.

Interior Design & Styling: 3NK Engineers & Architects | Evi Stylianidi

Construction: 3NK Engineers & Architects

Images © Andreas Markou