Located in the historical center of Thessaloniki, on the ground floor of a building known as the ‘Old Post office’, the Toms Flagship Store & Café (designed by FORMrelated Studio / lights by 157+173 designers) provides a shopping and cafe experience in the same space, in absolute harmony. 

Toms is an international brand which has a very unique and strong identity, both on it’s concept and the store designs. The shop was designed in line with the philosophy of the company, on the principles of reusing material and highlighting the space’s history. The old floor coverings, the walls and doors have been maintained; the old coatings and bricks have been left exposed; the old furniture has been repaired and used in a completely different way, while an old sheepfold has been used for the metal sheets in place. A very impressive patio, which allows daylight into the store, makes this place special and very matching to a Toms store.

The main synthetic principle of the design concept is the organization of a space with an visible wooden grid of vertical and horizontal profiles, which sometimes appears in full (floor facades), in other cases it turns into a functional element of the shop (shelves), and finally suggests its exists. Everything new must respect the old and be distinctive. Metal window frames, wood and concrete coatings for the bar and the cafe’s furniture are all combined with vintage pieces.

The custom-made lights were provided by 157+173 Designers. Their design was a challenge, as it had to match the designers’ own aesthetics, with respect to the brand’s identity, the architects’ interior proposal and the masterfully made building itself. Metal was used as a basic material, in order for the lights not to stand out as units but, on the contrary, be totally integrated into the store’s environment, and help add some “sweet raw” style to it. 157+173 also tried to give a playful spirit to the designs, to match with Toms “giving” and “happy” mood.

The building’s main elements, the arcade and the atrium, “come to life” with the lights and the green element, creating a dynamic space, constantly evolving and adapting according to the events hosted, while the visitor feels free to discover it.

Architectural Study: FORMrelated Studio

Architectural Team: Theodoridis Konstantinos, Papaevangelou Eleni, Tsiraggelou Christina

Construction: FORMrelated Studio

Lights Design: 157+173 designers

Photography: studiovd.gr