The project concerns the renovation of the fourth floor of a Haussmannian corner building located at Champs-Élysées Boulevard in Paris. The intervention aimed at the expansion of the international law firm Three Crowns head office in Paris. It comprises a reception area, sizeable working spaces, meeting rooms and support spaces such as a large copying room and a dining area.

The intervention required minor modifications on the original layout of the floor plan. Two basic spaces of the floor’s function are situated along the main axis which connects the imposing 19th century staircase with the circular corner of the building.

The first space, the plan of which resembles a quadrant, acts as a reception, meeting and resting area positioned after the corridor of the main entrance. The circularly designed sofa has been inspired by the curves of the floor plan. The former encourages relaxation and communication between client and employees, whilst the indirect lighting of the circular sound-absorbing surfaces is in harmony with the dim day light filtered by the off-white curtains.

The reception area, in turn, provides access to the next space, the main room of the floor found on the floor’s corner, right above the conjunction of Washington Street and Champs-Élysées Avenue. This minimalist circular room with the rigid rectangular table, the comfortable seats and the bookcases offers unobscured views to the city of Paris.

The overall goal was to preserve and highlight the Parisian interior ambiance. Besides, the original oak flooring and ceiling cornices, along with the indirect western lighting flooding the space proved consistent with the addition of new forms and materials.

Architects: Nassos Chamilothoris, Giannis Douridas, Christina Kontou, Dimitra Stathopoulou

Images © Athina Souli