The design of these apartments in Leivatho, Kefalonia, benefits from a smart system of stone walls that determine the movement paths, ensuring privacy and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The plot is characterized by landscape’s mild relief, the scattered stands of olive trees and its visual connection with the sea and the opposite hill. A system of constraints is introduced in the form of stone retaining walls that interrupt the continuity of the landscape in order to set private boundaries. The system is characterized by two types of walls: A) a crossing wall, following the contours of the land, avoids existing trees, delineates movement and determines the access to the apartments. Stone is reorganized into linear formations manoeuvring between existing clusters of greenery that create subtle but necessary breaks with the natural environment. B) A perpendicular wall divides the landscape and creates sheltered rear patios (s1, s2, s3) that ensure privacy levels.

The enclosure is achieved with a folded concrete roof that derives its form from the landscape’s geometry (geodetic triangles) and the folds of the scape. The roof follows the linear development of retaining walls (apartment complexes s1, s2, s3) and creates limited but privileged spatial habitable peaks. In the case of public facilities building, where communal space prevails private isolation, the wall system allows smoother space transitions between indoor and outdoor areas.

Images © Vaggelis Paterakis