The London Iconic Pavilion was designed by LC Architects for one of the top tech and gaming companies in the world, premiering in ICE 2016 – an international gaming conference held annually in London – and then taken around the world to Singapore, Las Vegas and elsewhere. The concept design is based on the delineation and demarcation of a continuous dynamic space. As in an urban scale project, boulevards cut out the city’s fabric. In the exhibition scale, the plot is carved by a designed customer’s journey and circulation paths. This pedestrian network carves out pockets of the route, which accommodate exhibition areas. Each exhibition area is an area for innovation and technology.

LC Architects designed every element of the pavilion, from the iconic petals to each tailor-made furniture and detailing of the structure. They conceived the pavilion with paramount architectural qualities towards a stellar example of high-end portable architecture. The pavilion consists of 8 petals, each hovering above its corresponding exhibition area in plan. Each petal consists of sectional aluminium ring beams and tailor-made stretched fabric, creating a unique choreography of 8 dancing canopies. The petals cantilever 10m above the pavilion terrain, creating sensational spaces, pushing the envelope of architecture, engineering and innovation.