Monocabin prefab was conceived as a livable design object exploring the intimate space of the individual. The architecture was thought not only as an industrial design element but also promoting in a way a democratic and unique architecture.

It is a symbolic representation of the collective imagination of the design studio Mandalaki, which acts at the same time with the perspective of a single goal: a return to oneself. In fact, this concept translated itself in the importance of the modularity elements inside the house which are extendable to any desires while starting from the basic prototype and model of Monocabin. Book your stay in Rhodes, Greece. Buy monocabin prefab from Italy.

Monocabin explores the desire to juxtapose the sleek, streamline design of a modern structure with the organic environment of the surrounding nature into a livable modular design object. It is conceived around exploring the intimate space of an individual in order to create the perfect getaway. It operates in synergy and harmony with nature while promoting at the same time the nourishing of human life. Nature is the gathering point of each space with also the coherence of materials choice all in natural scheme. The proposal is a space where walls and windows are only the interface between the outside and the inside offering the choice to be protected from the outside or to be directly connected with the outside. The feeling of being inside, as the outside breezes in.

It is a high-tech, smart technology and functionality house along with an environmentally responsible footprint. The materials such as the walls are made on hemp for a sustainable constructions. It is also certified with energy A+ efficiency. Inside Monocabin, only high quality electrical appliances and LED source lighting is used for energy efficiency.

A unique smart wall is designed for containing water heater, Air Conditioning, Electrical & water panel, storage space, projector, Apple tv & Hi-Fi. All the comfort in house appliances with technological installations, furnishings, storage, sanitary, and all kitchen facilities. Secured features with tempered glass, extra reinforced security door, re extinguisher for high safety.

Monocabin Premium Prefab has Validate Earthquake, Hurricane certifications with materials superiority guaranteed 30 years. Our aluminium frames are High quality with black mat color, sandblast finishing and triple glazing insulation.

Designed and made in Italy is at the center of every single step with the team’s know-how in design and architecture. Exclusively a build-to-order, plug and play house and sustaining high quality with unique personalisation, this turn key solution is ready to be lived in only 3 months.

Monocabin protects and enhance the environment through integrated approaches from resources, materials and building process into a smart home. It is made with sustainable materials such as walls in hemp, LED lighting and solar panels to power on in order to ensure the total utilization of natural energy. We also use the surrounding nature as an asset to the ecosystem of the house.

A «made to measure» prefab house to make the space a better place to be lived starting only with 26 square meters. Small Space, Big Heart.