Mylos residential complex, which was built in 2012 on the island Antiparos, contains three independent, attached family houses.

Located next to an old windmill, on the outskirts of the main village, the complex is surrounded by panoramic views of the the nearby islands and the Aegean Sea.

The architect Nikolas Athanasoulias based the concept of the houses on the principles of Mediterranean and Cycladic architecture. His main guidelines in the process of design were the climate, the solar path and the existing morphology of the landscape. In particular, the aim was to create a complex that provides privacy between the houses. It was important for the architect not to design competitive, dominant volumes next to the existing windmill. Therefore the one-storey houses are placed in the three given levels, following the topography of the plot and creating an effortless continuity between the inside and outside areas.

House A and House B, which are on the highest level of the plot, are organised around yards, facing south and sheltering the outside living areas from the strong wind. House C is built on two levels, with the living area placed on the top level with a view to Paros island and the sea, while the bedrooms are integrated into the earth on the lower level.

Interior designer Anastasia Daskalopoulou, in collaboration with the architect, created a simple, playful and warm interior for the houses. It is held in natural tones, accentuated with some colour, in contrast with the white walls and ceilings. The use of natural and recycled materials completes the cosy environment and evokes a “summery, comfortable sense that conforms to the island life.

Interior Designer: Anastasia Daskalopoulou (

Civil engineer: Vagelis Athanasoulias

Construction management: Vagelis Athanasoulias

Images © Kim Powell