Nestled in the wonderful garden of Goulandris Natural History Museum, Natu Restaurant was designed to configure a space of culinary meetings and create a field of dynamic and yet gentle transitions through space and time.

The delightful environment, consisted of a wide variety of colorful plants, enriches the composition, highlighting human’s primitive bond with nature.

The essence of the conception is found between the sensation of memory – linked with the showpieces of the Museum- and the prominent experience of fine dining. The “fossil” becomes the dominant element of inspiration, giving shape to ideas that express a nature-based ethos. The subdued refinement is based on the detailed craftsmanship and minimalistic design, featuring an elemental palette of natural materials like wood, linen, stone and ceramic.

Guided by body and mind, architecture becomes thoughtful exploring the haptic qualities of the balance between order and complexity. The clean-cut forms enter into the picturesque scenery of the flora through fluid transitions, evoking feelings of serenity and harmony. The upholding modern principles, the muted pallet, the ubiquitous use of wood and marble at the furnishing and the presence of exclusive art pieces compose a place that not only looks but also feels good. At the same time, generous views of the gardens enhance the intimate connection between inside and outside. Special-treated corners such as the imposing monastery table at the food tasting area or the laid-back lounge area, offer a variety of qualities and options to be made. Bespoke furniture and special light design complete the unique ambience. At the garden, the natural element is the one that pull the strings. The shadow of the trees is translated into organic round shapes hosting dining tables while the sound and view of the linear waterfalls and the prominent lake offer calmness and wellness. The imposing state-of-the-art sculptures among the yard fulfill this storytelling setting.

Natu restaurant is designed to stimulate senses, heighten every aspect of guest experience.