Pazuzu is an open-air Beach Club on the island of Corfu, brought to introduce a unique beach experience that balances elegant architectural qualities, natural landscape beauty, inspirational gastronomy and electric music vibes. It consists of a highly textural field of raw materials treated and composed in a rough and delicate way, an upscale laid-back venue housed under a large geometric bamboo patterned roof.

Developed by LoT office for architecture in association with architect Panagiotis Sarlis and lighting designers m.a.P. Studio / Artemis Papadatou, the name Pazuzu derives from one of the works of Italian artist Roberto Cuoghi, who has also designed the logo and artworks found in the property. The beach-front club features two distinct bars, a restaurant area seating 150 people and a lounge-club area for afternoon parties and events hosting. Two separate pre-existing properties were merged with the intention to house a two-in-one venue with an upscale beach vibe, a club and a restaurant that would operate together and independently.

A linear perforated metal curtain hangs along the former property wall trace visually connecting and physically separating the restaurant and the club areas. The curtain runs all the way through the center of the prominent central twelve-meter long bar, splitting it in two equally operational parts, giving at each of the venue spaces privacy and independency during private events. A large triangulated bamboo canopy spans over a large portion of the property, a strong unifying element that offers great shade from the bright Greek summer sun, also used to hang feature elements such as two long linear expanded brass metal shelves over the central bar.

Landscaping and lighting design were jointly executed in partnership with external collaborators. LoT also undertook the construction supervision and administration throughout the entirety of the project duration. The design was comprehensive including custom dining furniture, doors, planters and canopies as well as the design of a dismountable DJ booth that can be moved away to make room for a temporary concert stage.

Lighting Design: Artemis Papadatou

Photography: Adrianna Glaviano

Hanging wooden lamps designed by 157+173designers