Built around 1850, this residence in Nisyros was completely restored and turned into a villa of two independent luxury apartments by ADarchitects, with respect to the local architectural tradition and using only eco-friendly primary materials, in particular the local black volcanic stone of the island, that gives the house its special character. The high-quality restoration preserves and reveals all the traditional elements of the building. The uncluttered interiors combine the eternal style of traditional local architecture with modern minimalistic design using wood, stone, polished cement, and built-in furniture in white and earthy colors. The simplicity of the design and the purity of forms and volumes are in harmony with the particular local idiom. The plasticity of the small white spaces is highlighted by laid-out levels with built-in furniture and modern equipment.

Natural light flowing in through the small windows plays a game of light and shadow with the textured white walls of visible limed stone masonry and the rough light-colored surfaces, highlighting the interior’s details. Visible stonework with filled joints dominates the exterior of the house, visually unifying it with the landscape. The soft artificial lighting has been studied so as to discretely accent the texture of the walls. The outdoor spaces comprise coated built-in levels, steps, and stone sofas, all integrated in rock formations, bringing a sculptural quality to the natural geometry. The raw structural simplicity and the consistency of materials and engravings on all levels result to a smooth transition from the exterior to the interior and from natural to constructed elements. Overall, this restoration is about a discreet architectural gesture resulting from a respect towards structural authenticity and the use of ageless materials, while giving prominence to traditional elements through simple means of expression and the use of both natural and artificial lighting.