Riviera Luxury beach bar designed by Skarlakidis Architecture Studio is located in Chalkidiki, at one of the most renowned beaches in the Sithonia peninsula, the beach of Saint John. The project has the character of a deep threshold between the forest and the beach. The beach bar is consisted of a standing bar area, a restaurant that can accommodate up to 40 people and a lounge that is ideal for parties and social events.

The location and the natural beauty of the scenery have inspired us to design the Riviera bar. By taking into account those things, we have created a pallet that combines natural materials and textures, which have led to the development of a form that “emerges” from the sand and the ground. The fencing that surrounds the area has been created by using cement sun breaks (celosias). This perforated fence takes us back to the Hellenic modernism of the 60’s, it acts as a game between the light and the shade while gaps alternating with whole parts and moreover it constantly alters the relationship of the spaces between the dipole “spectator-spectacle”.

The external undivided canopy, brings together the whole construction and provides shade to the area. The different material that is being used to create the panels of the specific shed aims to make distinguishable the usage of the different areas. The reed has been chosen to cover the bar-lounge area. The makuti, which has been vertically placed and let free to rustle to the breeze that is coming from the sea, creates a shade to the restaurant area. The architects of the Riviera beach bar tried to combine the principles of the Greek hospitality with the emergence of the idyllic landscape, by creating a synthesis of spatial experience with continuous reference to the sea. The beach bar «Riviera», a hybrid of modern design and traditional materials, aims to become the center of attraction for bathers and vacationers throughout the whole summer period.

Architectural Design: Skarlakidis Architecture Studio + G.Bartzioumas

Photos © studiovd.gr / N.Vavdinoudis-C.Dimitriou