This residence at the southeastern outskirts of the town of Thiva, is located on a privileged plot of land that offers a panoramic view of the nearby woodland and farmland, and stands out for the clear building volumes surrounding its inner courtyard.

Built for a family of four – a young couple and their two children – the house is accessible from its western edge, the country road-side. At the final stage of preliminary design a single-storey solution emerged, with the basement of the residence only containing secondary functions, such as storage rooms, the heating boiler room, the laundry room and the garage. A solution with aesthetic and functional advantages, since the planners could utilize the whole of the surface of 205m² for a single floor plan without losses for stairways etc., while at the same time being able to keep a low building height.

The composition consists of three clearly defined parallelepiped volumes, forming a U-shape. This shape encloses a somehow more introverted and protected space, an inner courtyard. The single space containing the kitchen, the fireplace between dining area and living room, the roof construction with its grey metal construction elements and its white painted planking and the stone cladding on the outside are all references to rural architecture.

Photo Credits: Dimítris Kalapodás