Developed along a plot of land with an idyllic view of the Aegean, Vi[g]la was designed to provide enjoyable and comfortable holidays to its guests. With an angle of more than 180 degrees, the view spans from Naxos to Tinos giving the opportunity to observe the west part of the Aegean including unique sunsets.

Its architectural design is clearly influenced by the built environment of the island’s town (Chora) with the array of narrow-faced houses along the alleys. The final composition is produced by the apposition of separate building volumes that differ in materiality, signalling a different use.

The dominant volume in stone which is the core of the composition gathers all the common spaces. There is the living room with the built-in corner sofa and the floating fireplace that acts as a buffer zone between the several living rooms framing the view of the outdoor pool. In the same space, the open kitchen is developed with the dining room that interact and create the appropriate conditions for experiencing the ultimate Greek experience – the preparation of a meal.

In Vigla there were developed several separate seating areas for a different relaxation mood. Inside, there is a large living room with comfortable sofas. The two large openings from end to end of the walls, allow light and air to pass inside and integrate it with the outdoor living room, which is adequately shaded by the dense cane of the shelters. At night, it is the ultimate spot to gaze at the lights of the country and the iridescence of the pool lights.

The residence is a set of rectangular volumes scattered in the plot and connected with either open-air or closed corridors that sometimes form a separate space. One of these spaces is an atrium, designed at the most protected point from the sun and wind, with high stone-made walls. This atrium is an entrance hall to the open spaces of the residence having as a reference point the olive tree in its center, a characteristic plant that complements the image of the Greek landscape.

The epicentre of the outdoor area is undoubtedly the pool. The overflow with the feeling of infinity creates a visual bridge with the endless blue of the Aegean offering a continuous liquid flow of water interrupted only by the volumes of the opposite islands.

Vi[g]la can accommodate a total of twelve people. In the main house there are four double bedrooms, while for greater autonomy a guest house is developed on the opposite side of the main residence across the pool, with two more double rooms. Most of the interior elements were custom made, such as the bathroom sinks and side tables constructed of traditional marbles or even closets made of textures found on the island.

Each space is uniquely designed for each tenant to find the style and functionality that suits him having as their main theme the observation of the outdoor by a continuous set of doors and windows to the west and the sea.

Architects: Andreas Souliotis, Ismini Kourouni

Images © Panagiotis Voumvakis & Kostas Tsamis