The Sunny Side Villa unfolds at a level parallel to the Golden Beach in Paros Island and is designed so that all main spaces have unobstructed views to the sea and the in-between landscape, with regard to the protection of external areas from northern winds. The main residence consists of 4 master bedrooms, a kitchen and an open plan dining and sitting area. On either side of the main building volume, two independent volumes house the guest room and auxiliary spaces to the surrounding area. The focal point of the residence’s external areas is the swimming pool, situated in front of the sitting area, and the thoroughly covered relaxation spaces with an open air pool bar. Diametrically opposed, an outdoor dining area is situated in front of the kitchen. Thus, the visual contact between the residence and the sea remains intact.

Large tamarisks, reeds and agave at the border of the site to the beach, create a sensation of an overlarge courtyard space which is not only defined by paved surfaces but also completed and continued by low vegetation throughout the surrounding area. Floors are layered in cement screed at the color of the sand and a wooden deck in natural hues is laid around the pool. Pergolas covered by irregular timber and reed leaf are constructed for shading, while stone walls with small openings, for protection from the island winds.

Light permeates the interior spaces through successive openings of different orientation; reflected on white surfaces, it highlights the clean design lines. Furniture, fabrics, decorative elements are all made of natural materials and attribute a sense of comfort and relaxation, ideal for a country home. The residence, according to the energy performance of buildings regulation, is ranked high energy class “A”, as thick high quality insulation is applied throughout its shell while the selected casings and glazing have low thermal transmittance (U frame and U glass values).

Additionally, solar collectors provide hot water and heat the swimming pool water, while heating and cooling systems are energy efficient. Finally, rainwater is collected from the roof for irrigation and grey water is reused after a treatment process, for the same purpose.