In the historical neighborhood of travelers and caravans of Thessaloniki, a modern inn opened its doors to the great adventure of Greek hospitality some time ago.

The aim was to become a living cell of hospitality in the heart of the city center. A new meeting point for the residents and travelers was born in order to become a mingling space of cultures, history, pictures and experiences between locals and visitors. The renovated neoclassical building located in 1 Rempelou str. was built in 1929 and originally was used as a small “seragio”. The seragios were inns that hosted travelers. In 1998 with a governmental decision, the building was designated as a listed property. Later, in 2001, it was leased and restored by the National Bank of Greece. In the late 2015, the building would operate as the city’s modern bed and breakfast, standing respectfully towards its history throughout centuries.

All in all, everything ends up the way they started. A modern seragio.

The Caravan is a building, a time capsule with 13 rooms of 6 different types. Α conversation between the present and the past is being held when its unique location in one of the most historical neighborhoods of the city center with its retro aesthetics combined with modern elements.

The Caravan Team always tries to pass the real feeling of philoksenia (hospitality) in a space that was initially designed for this purpose. In the lobby of Caravan, the smokeless travel café and co- working space awaits anyone that would like to read, work, meet and mingle from 08:00 until 22:00 offering a great variety of beverages and snacks that make you feel like home.

The Caravan though, has more to offer in Thessaloniki’s cultural side. As a genuine caravan, the participation in everything that moves and keeps Thessaloniki in the spotlight of international and national cultural events is vital. Cooperation with teams that support imaginative and original projects and events proves that everything is possible and simpler than one can imagine.

The creative cooperation of a young team consisted of designers, photographers  artists, architects and decorators has given the Caravan the attention to detail that was needed in order for it to stand out. Getting inside the glass elevator gives you that exact feeling, the feeling of traveling in a world of graphic design and color by the Dolphins team.

Steteosis visualizes the Caravan Project and every six months, tries to present a new photographical perspective of the Caravan. ChloiFinn, a very talented illustrator created a unique series of living postcards illustrations with the Caravan elements and Eleana_acp, an architect and upcoming artist made thirteen customized collages showing the city and the Caravan interaction through her eyes.

Every year, new projects with local artists take place combining the Greek hospitality alongside with Thessaloniki ‘s local arts; a unique Caravan trip awaits new friends for an “one of the kind” traveling experience.

Architecture @Eleni Sviriadi & Minos Dougias

Civil Engineering @Vangelis Spathakis