KORA is a sourdough and viennoiserie bakery in Athens. It was founded by Maria Alafouzou, a writer-editor and Ianthi Michalaki, a pastry chef & baker. They bake everyday and continuously search for the finest ingredients across the country. KORA’s process includes long fermentation methods, which makes their products unique and tastier, compared to conventionally produced breads.

Athens-based graphic design studio OGUST has designed KORA’s visual identity, packaging and website.

“For the logo, we used a slightly altered version of the Old-Style typeface Caslon. We rotated the capital letter O in order to look like a loaf of bread or an open mouth. Our primary aim was a bold and honest logotype with a twist to highlight the two founder’s playfulness.

We developed the visual identity and packaging around the same core ideas. Sincerity along with bold and evocative colours. Among those, Yellow is the hero of the palette in order to convey warmth and vitality. KORA’s iconography includes cross cuts of various products, focusing on the microcosm to highlight the the painstakingly effort put into everything they do and the attention to standards of quality.”

Interior Design: en-route-architecture-

Images © Spiros Kokonis & Marco Argüello