The aim of this design was to produce an aesthetically pleasing and discreet lamp that would provide quality LED lighting for professional or domestic use. The designer decided to use parts readily available in the market in order to achieve low production costs and to facilitate mass production. The lamp’s aluminium body and base are paired with a cloth wire that allows for a number of colored combinations. It’s also adaptable to the available space, as it can rotate at four different points.

When folded it offers diffuse lighting while in the ceiling version of the lamp, the type of lighting depends on the angle of its rhombus shape; a high angle offers discreet lighting to a large area below, while a low angle offers intense lighting over a smaller one.

Lightline was designed for Shibui, a homeware and accessories company based in Switzerland, created by award-winning Greek designers Constantinos Hoursoglou and Athanasios Babalis. It was awarded a Red Dot Award in 2011.