Stikey is an ultra-portable, magnetic stand for smartphones that works in any orientation. Using a rare-earth magnet, it securely attaches to a small, satin finished, metal tab positioned on the back of the phone or case. As dcubed – the product design studio behind Stikey – tell us “while designing it, it was clear to us that in order for it to be truly versatile it had to be always at hand and our keys are the only thing that we never leave behind”

Stokey also organizes phone cables and prevents them from getting tangled and damaged when carrying them around. “The tidy feature was designed to function in such a way that does not require users to change their habit on how they tidy cables, but instead it adapts to it”.

The accessory comes complete with an innovative packaging which is a magnetic mount in disguise. The mounting point is cleverly incorporated in the packaging as its base, and adds more mounting possibilities for the smartphone, for Stikey, or the keys. “We think of packaging as a mean of enhancing the experience that the product offers, thus adding value to the users”.