Inspired by the Mediterranean’s natural bounty and rural traditions, Daphnis and Chloe provides home cooks and Chefs with culinary herbs & spices sourced from small farms around Greece.

Launched in 2013, the Athens-based brand has fans all around the globe, from England to Germany and from the USA το Hong Kong. Their selection of Thyme, Greek Mountain Tea, fragrant Greek Oregano & other typical ingredients, has won many international awards and is available at some of the most appreciated stores & delicatessens around the world.

It’s interesting that while the Mediterranean basin is home to a large variety of aromatic plants, the finest rarely cross the narrow borders of their native lands” says the brand’s motto. In fact, in their selection, one sees an array of herbs which are hard to find outside of their place of origin. Their range of culinary herbs, spices and herbal infusions is composed by local varieties, produced in areas where they naturally perform best. Everything comes from natural plantations and from family-run farms that grow their produce according to the principles of organic agriculture, as high-quality and unadulterated as possible. Everything comes in an elegant packaging, proudly produced in Greece.

Visitors can taste & buy at the Athenian headquarters of Daphnis and Chloe, which are located a short walk from the popular neighbourhood of Koukaki.

Tea graphics: Memphis artist, Nathalie du Pasquier