Located in the center of Patras, Kellari 151 is a store that gathers the most interesting flavors and unique products of the Achaia region. As is evident from its name, the store gives particular emphasis to Achaean wines, operating as a wine bar offering exclusively Achaean labels and wine-based cocktails. However, it’s not limited to wine, as it offers all kind of drinks produced in Achaia, such as tentura, ouzo and raki, vodka and locally produced gin, chocolate drinks in twelve flavors and many more.

There is also a special Achaean “gift basket” offered to customers, with local products such as wine, ouzo, raki, liqueurs, pasta, honey, jams, nuts, beverages, herbs, pulses, flour, pasta, olive oil, marshmallows and sugar confectionery, beverages, olive oil soap and special products such as oil and truffle, salt sea foam, and almost anything produced by Achaean businesses and producers. The interior was designed by Riga Helen, who invested in natural materials, retro references and a cosy mood.

Photos by Nikos Psathoyiannakis