Back in 2008, Oinoscent started as the first wine bar in the heart of Athens. Since then it evolved in a meeting point for wine lovers who search to intrigue their senses and explore the world of wine.

Moved into a bigger place across the street, Oinoscent has now expanded in order to fulfill the demands of its people and develop a cellar of 800 different labels. Today, it trys to meet people’s expectations by giving them a more complete gastronomical experience, enriching the food menu and rejuvenating the space in a more comfortable seated area. Always willing, the Oinoscent team is always ready to provide people the best wine recommendations for their daily wine trip!

Interior design @ Efi Eliadou
Creative direction @ Marios Karystios
Photography @ Nikos Koustenis
Wood board & signs crafted @ Miltos Katsaboulas
Menu Illustrations @ Luisa Rivera
Logo design @ Greg Papagrigoriou