‘Para Siempre’ is a wine and tapas bar restaurant designed by Dimitra Koutoulogeni, with a predominantly Greek element regarding both its decoration and menu. Inspired by the name of the bar (‘para siempre’ stands for ‘forever’ in Spanish) its design is fresh but also nostalgic. The solid wooden doors and the varnished walnut bar top are juxtaposed to the exposed concrete columns and the concrete wall wine cellar. A traditional technique was used to give a worn-out texture to the walls, while the dominating blue retro tiles define the bar zone and create color intensity.

The greatest challenge that the design had to face was the fact that there are no windows to allow natural light inside the space, except for the entrance at the front. In order to make the back tables attractive to customers, an inner atrium was created, were artificial light shed behind a glass partition gives the illusion of natural light. An antique round table with bright blue chairs, plants, bike-seats, tables with a cast iron base and the wooden floor (found and kept during dismantling), all contribute to an atmosphere that is retro and contemporary at the same time. Dimitra Koutoulogeni provided the interior, decorations, lamps and furniture design.