Sfina is a coffee bar in Thessaloniki whose design was developed around the idea of making building elements disappear by painting them black and creating an internal yard full of natural light. Designers Petros Fragopoulos and Argyro Vlachou constructed a metal grid by leaving several openings, in order to create a natural extension to its exterior. Over the bar, the only part that has a ceiling, they designed an inner roof, the context of a virtual house, which gives shape to the black shell of the existing space. A pergola follows the two roof levels and creates the sensation of an inner yard, dominated by natural wood, black metal, marble and small color touches. The visible ventilation, industrial lights and unplastered walls, all in black, leave the space original and raw. The pergola is not only a construction but a concept that connects of the indoor with the outdoor space. This co-existence of old and new elements creates a new space awaiting to be explored.

Images © Studio Eight Photos – Efi Panagoula