Makryammos Bungalows Hotel is located in Thassos island in Greece, and was renovated by ΑΜ3 Architects over the past five years. Respecting the unique character of this hotel, the architects in close cooperation with the owners, prepared a series of architectural studies for a thorough renovation of the rooms and suites including their surrounding area. In addition, common use spaces, such as restaurant, playground and space for children’s activities, have also been fully renovated.

The main goal of the overall project was the revelation of the relationship between natural beauty and indoor/outdoor space, through large openings for optimum sea sight simple functional forms and basic building materials, found in local architectural inheritance. Thus, predominant materials used are stone and wood, slate slabs and Thassos marble, compact, long lasting and environmental friendly materials.

As far as the interior design, absolute simplicity, and economy of space were pursued, without neglecting the functional needs and comforts of a contemporary four stars hotel. Materials eco and human friendly, such as cement mortar, wood, stone and concrete were used in a creative way. Simple lines and elements in mild colors are creating an intimate and homely environment and are aiming to highlight the external natural environment with its rich vegetation. The choice of fabrics, both in texture and in shades, produces a sense of calm and relaxation without color intensities. The lighting was designed to highlight the natural materials of both external building volume and internal surfaces. The choice of partial internal lighting and alternative lighting scenarios by the user creates the desired space ambience.

Photos © Dimitris Dagiamas, Maria Mitzali, ΑΜ³ Architects