The apartment in Vouliagmeni is a renovation project of a 35 year old abandoned apartment which was until recently used as a holiday house. It was completely renovated from scratch to offer a modern quality of life.

The renovation began by destroying all the interior walls and opening all the exterior walls creating a space with a view, a visual game with the sea to the south and the mountain to the north.

The main purpose was the redesign of the spaces in order to achieve the best visual contact with the surrounding green space, as well as the spatial continuity of the interior with the exterior, specifically the living room with terrace and the garden.

The house consists of 3 levels. On the first level is the entrance and a room that is separated by a sliding door from the rest of the house as it was designed as a workspace for the owners. On the middle level are the bedrooms and on the third level the kitchen with the living room. Around the 2 levels is the terrace and on the lower level is the yard.

First design choice was to create new large openings on each level with minimal frames giving a visual continuity of the inside and outside. All the furniture of the house was designed by the architect and made by selected craftsmen. Natural materials were selected, mainly oak wood and marble.